TheNoTalentKid (thenotalentkid) wrote in starting_t,

Testosterone Research

Hi. I'm 26, pre-T, post-hysto, only out to friends FTM. I have been in therapy specifically for gender stuff since October. My therapist suggested writing something like a research paper about Testosterone to help me make the decision and to educate me about all of the pros and cons of hormone therapy. Since I've already graduated from college, the academic research that I'd love to do is not the most accessible now. I'm looking for resources, mostly online, that will help me with this project. And, of course, when I'm done, I'll post it here so others' can have the info. Anyone have any good links that cite accurate info on T and it's effects? I'll keep you posted with what I find, because I don't think the decision to take T is a very serious one, and it isn't super easy for some of us to take the leap.
Thanks, dudes.
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