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starting_t's Journal

starting testosterone
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this is a community for anyone starting testosterone therapy for masculinizing effects (trying to use the most inclusive language possible - let me know if i can improve it).

this includes ftm, f2m, trans men, genderqueer, intersex, or others who are using medical testosterone to masculinize the appearance of their body and to achieve their desired gender appearance, somewhere in the male/masculine range.

friends, family, significant others are welcome.

basic rules:

1. everybody here is under a lot of stress. FEEL FREE TO SPEAK YOUR MIND AND VOICE YOUR CONCERNS. try to be respectful and say 'i feel...' but it's ok to be honest.

2. NO PUTTING OTHERS DOWN for how they feel. if somebody offends you, tell them why POLITELY.

3. we're not here to discuss semantics. this is a raw, emotional space and some people may say things that offend you. try to accept their difficulties and help them.

4. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS HERE. this is a place we support each other.


6. any comments or questions, emotional, physical changes, worries, sexual questions, are ok.

7. people of any sexual or gender identification are welcome as long as you are STARTING TESTOSTERONE THERAPY. the first year or two or three is a loose timeline, but you choose what's right for you.

8. right now i am the only moderator. 28 yo trans guy, started T 100 cc/wk march 16 2007.